25/6/2014 | Wednesday | Hot and Sunny 

It’s been ages since I last blogged.  HAHA super old-fashioned beginning, so I must strike it through. 😛 So, let’s do it again – Happy Birthday to my new blog “ellygram.wordpress.com”! 오늘 부터 1일 (Day 1)! Image

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I am almost turning 20 this year so I thought I shall do something meaningful before I enter my Year 1 in Imperial College London. (I rot at home for the past 6 months ಠ_ಠ)

Over these 7 months after I graduated from the A Levels in Sunway College, I haven’t been doing much meaningful things/activities. And that makes me feel that my life is wasted. Time is like gold you know?! Especially the time when you are in your last teenage. *Sigh* time flies! It just felt like yesterday (OK lah exaggerated too much) when I had my SPM -> getting SPM results -> going to college for the A levels -> getting my AL results and now – waiting to enter university.

All of these are like dreams to me, so unbelievable yet so real! The fact that I secured a scholarship from our local Government to go to the UK for my tertiary education!! THIS MUST BE A DREAM!! BUT NO! It is real! All of these came in a sudden, unplanned. I never thought I would have taken up the A levels, never ever in my life before I got this Bursary KPM. The reason being is I was told that it is one of the hardest pre-U courses available on Earth and also I got an offer from a culinary school in Singapore. See? I planned to become a pastry chef, that’s why AL has never been one of my choices.

But life is unpredictable.

If not for some financial issues my family was facing, I wouldn’t have chosen this. I wouldn’t have the chance to go to ICL for my UG studies. I wouldn’t have met awesome people throughout my studies in Sunway. I wouldn’t have known much about Jesus Christ (though I am a Buddhist, but getting to know other religion isn’t a bad thing, right?). I wouldn’t have had a great time with my Korean Class friends and teachers. I wouldn’t have.. much more to go. Though it is true that what I experienced in KL and what I would have experienced in SG are different, but I got no regrets. I am thankful, blessed and loved.

To cut all my college journey short, I have now come to a point where all my applications are done, and the last thing to do is to attend JPA’s BTN and SAC camps, which I totally have no idea what they are for. Hence for now, what I should do is to be prepared for September to come, get packed and fly! ✈

There is no way to express how blessed I feel, to be able to receive all these free education from the Government. Sometimes I complain so much about the Government, no doubt in some parts they are doing really bad, but nonetheless I like them a bit cox I got a scholarship to go to London. HAHAHA (╯3╰)

For the last part of this blog post, I would like to tell myself why I name my blog like this. First of all, I decided on an English name for myself from my friend’s suggestion – Ellece (pronounce as “Alice“). But I don’t really like my name to be pronounced as Alice, I find it a bit 俗气 (tacky?). I didn’t mean to insult people who have the name Alice I just don’t like it to be my name, so I changed a bit to become Elly, which sounds much better to me. Like I feel that I’m more suitable for this name but I don’t know why. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

And why ellygram? I have no idea. I got this inspiration from a friend of mine. She #hashtag her instagram with her name-gram. So, I copy cat a bit from her. HEHEH ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

See you soon ellygram.wordpress.com! I shall visit you very often from now onwards. Muahx