The moment I publish this post I guess will be 9/7/14 already. Today I flew to KL to submit my UK visa application, with my dad. Somehow a lot of special things happen – things I should be grateful of. And also I started to have some thoughts for myself as well.

In recent years, my ears ache whenever the plane descends. And that pain can only be lightened by chewing gums or gummy bears, and be totally gone when I’m finally on ground. However today, something miraculous happened to my ears. After my parents shared with me about “Ho’oponopono”, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness (quoted from Wikipedia) or in other words, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”, I learned to have a thankful heart to everything around me, either living or non-living things. So I would like to share my testimony here: Before the plane started to descend, I told my ears and nose that I love them. I thanked them for helping me balance so that I wouldn’t have an ear ache. I also thanked my nose for behaving nicely to me – not having serious flu, able to breathe normally. Guess what? My ears did not ache for the first time. Not even a slight feeling of discomfort. Maybe to some ‘scientific’ people, my situation was that my ears and nose just happened to be in good condition; but to me, I know myself well enough to believe that Ho’oponopono makes a difference in my life, and I’m experiencing it.

Even if you think it lacks scientific support, but there’s no harm to actually put this kind of ideology into practice, right? Being grateful is always a good thing. It may also help you in your life – being able to see things in a more positive angle, to complain less and to thank what you have in life. I believe that this also links to the Law of Attraction, which I think most of the people now know about it.

What you think will be what is going to happen.

To a certain extent, yes I believe in this. Having lots of positive energy pushes me through hard times in life. Believing that even in the worst situation you face, there’s still hope. You just need to have faith that things will get better, eventually. So, I now keep on reminding myself to be thankful. For eg: to talk good to the water you drink, water you use to take shower, or even the water content in your body. Have you ever heard that water crystallizations and your emotions are connected? This was suggested by Masaru Emoto. It was said that different emotions given or passed on to the water, the crystallizations formed are different. For example:- (photo and information credits here)

After saying “You are disgusting, I want to kill you.”

After giving love and thanks to the water.

These two pictures are clear enough, aren’t they?! There are more on the link I gave above, not an English version but I believe Google will help you out! 🙂 Even two cup of experimenting waters can have such effects, what more to say the water content in our body? Continuously showering my body with loads of good words I believe that I will get healthier and prettier of course HAHA. Having said that it’s connected to the Law of Attraction, if I didn’t at first believe in this ideology, nothing would have happened to me. It is when my mind accepts it, it works for me.

The other thing was that I went to a Buddhist temple near Wisma MCA, there locates the 金身 (gold body/statue) of 宣化上人 (Venerable Master Hua). My father then went in and chanted and prayed to him. Just right after we had our lunch in the temple, he got a call from an unexpected friend, proposing a project that he worked so hard few years back to get it but failed. To me, I think this is the blessings that he received from the chant. He always asks me to chant, since I got explored to the teachings of Buddha at this young age, I should appreciate and make good use of it. I think I should consider his suggestions! HAHA actually I shouldn’t even have a second thought but just do it. I will try my best. Hence another goal for me to achieve!

We were so lucky as we got to meet a monk from Sri Lanka, too! He came all the way from LA to KL just to give blessings to people! It is this spirit of altruism and love that makes Buddhism so great. My father and I got his blessings. When he blessed me, I could feel the heat transferring to my head as if his energy is spared to me. Quite hard for me to describe but I think this is a fate that I was able to meet him in such a tight schedule. Ho’oponopono.

Lastly, I would like you, whoever that comes across this post, try this Ho’oponopono ideology out. It doesn’t matter if you are not a Buddhist. Hope it changes your life bit by bit to the better. May Buddha bless you.

❤ from Elly.