It’s Easter time! If you are studying in ang mo (westerners) countries, you will have loooooooong Easter holidays (yes one month!) XD So for my first ever so long Easter break, we three musketeers have decided on Spain! We originally wanted Germany, but then it was also time for us to look for second year accommodation and stuff. After serious consideration (you know la students ma money is a big constrain) we decided to dump our trip to Germany, but we still couldn’t get over with how we are going to spend our Easter just not going anywhere! So I started looking for relatively cheaper air tickets. And so as the title says Hola España! Iremos! (lol don’t even know if I used it correctly) I’m gonna share some of my experiences in planning my trip. Hope anything here would help anyone who would like to visit Madrid y Barcelona!


– Flight –

So first of all, we decided to go for 5 days, so we don’t want to have a lot of time wasted on travelling, so we picked to travel by plane! We went to look for flights on Google Flights, and then to the respective airlines’ websites to check for accurate prices (remember this cox Google Flights may have inaccurate prices that makes you go all excited and then when you found out you feel trolled LOLOL). In this case we settled with Norwegian and Ryanair.

Ryanair gave me a feeling of what you pay is what you get – cheap tickets but they have small aisles and stuffy plane. But I guess this is because of the weather and the air conditioner wasn’t on at a higher power. The landing was like a roller coaster – my heart pumped soooo fast that I for a few seconds – thought I was taking some extreme rides.

We had a good experience with Norwegian. They have much larger leg space and what more to ask for – free on board wifi.

– Train –

We flew from London Stansted, so it is just a few clicks away to booking a train for our trip to the airport – transport for London (tfl) is sooooo good I just love it! ❤ You can purchase your train tickets here. And then print out train passes and you are done! Oh ya and one more thing, university students in the UK can apply for 16-25 railcard that can save u 1/3 on your train tickets! It can also be combined with Oyster card to enjoy a 1/3 off your tube rides (more small prints please find our yourself XD).

Between Madrid y Barcelona, we travelled by train (Renfe) as well. Travel time depends on the train if I’m not wrong. Ours took about 2.5 hours. With a slighhhhhhhht delay (only a few minutes lah XD). Another option would be travel by air but that’s up to you and your budget of course. HEH

– Metro –

There are a few different options to choose from. We got a day pass that includes outside of Madrid cox we wanted to visit Toledo. €17.80 per ticket. P/S: it is not a 24-hour ticket and ends at 2359 that day.

There is no one-day ticket in Barcelona, so we settled with 10-trip tickets and share among the three of us. *hint* the metro in both Madrid y Barcelona don’t have a ‘scan-in-scan-out’ system, which is to exit the station you don’t have to scan your ticket for another time, you just leave.


There are so many websites that you can use to find a hotel. I personally quite like booking.com cox you don’t have to pay anything before you travel, and you can cancel your booking for free! (provided it is done within the specified time). However, prepaid hotels are not bad a choice – if you really want to stay in that hotel and stuff, so that you don’t have to bring so much cash with you (I don’t have a credit card so yeah). It’s up to your likings actually, there are so many accommodations to choose from, aided with reviews for your information. This wouldn’t be a problem I reckon. 😀 And another thing, I did not pay for any refundable deposits in both the accommodations I stayed in the two cities.


– Madrid –

There is this restaurant called “Botin” in Madrid that says the oldest restaurant according to the Guinness Book of Record. It’s quite full when we reached. I don’t know if there are seats available had we not reserved seats beforehand. Hopefully there would be another blogpost for this restaurant in near future :X

– Barcelona – 

Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia are two of the not-to-miss sites to visit in Barcelona. To prevent wasting time in queueing for tickets (and at a risk where you couldn’t get them at the time slot you want), it is best to just book beforehand. You can book your tickets for here(PG) and here (LSF).

We went to Sagrada Familia quite early in the morning, as we had our entry time 9:15-9:30, the queue wasn’t that bad. When we left around 12p.m. the queue was really long. So i really suggest you buy your tickets online beforehand. Do some planning first of course!

Park Güell is also another place where you would want to pre-buy tickets as they only allow a certain number of people in to the monumental zone at any one time.

Casa Batllo was another place we visited. We didn’t buy tickets beforehand. The queue wasn’t that bad, it took us about 15 minutes to buy our tickets. If you are willing to use your credit cards or what not you can buy them online on the spot cox they provide FREE wifi and in that case you don’t have to queue!

These are the few things we have done for our Spain trip. Hope they may be at least a little useful if you are looking for tips to travelling to Spain!

Will update with another post or two about how my trip turned out! And if there is anything I definitely recommend if you are to travel to Madrid y Barcelona.

Till then, much love from Elly xoxo