I am…

  • an ordinary girl born in 14/10/1994, in Kuching.
  • an Asian, born with black hair, brown eyes, and beige skin.
  • a Libra, a slight perfectionist.
  • lazy when it comes to working, unless it is something I find interest in.
  • a quiet person when you first meet me, but a crazy friend later on.
  • straightforward in the sense I sometimes hurt other people’s feeling because my words are not filtered (but I do not mean so most of the time :C ).

I blog…

  • about interesting things in my life
  • some product or service reviews in the future maybe?
  • with photos
  • when I have an inspiration
  • just to record bits and pieces of my life in case I forget them one day.

I like…

  • uncooked rice smell.
  • different colours in different time.
  • to put on make up and dare not go out with it.
  • to bake sweet treats.
  • to think positively on things that seem negative.

And that’s a small part about me that you can know before you meet me. TQ

If you enjoy my posts, please Like it so that I know you do. ❤


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