Being a Biology student, I feel busy at times, but when compared to other courses like Chem Eng or Mech Eng, I suddenly feel I’m exaggerating my schedule. To be honest, I actually have more than enough time to slowly and steadily complete my course work; maybe some revision on top of that. It’s all about time management. HA!

My Spring term just finished few days ago. It didn’t feel very long. In fact time passed by really quickly, day by day. After travelling a bit around the UK I studied for about a month for my February examinations. It felt like forever – sometimes I just have the kick to learn, sometimes I just feel like I should let it go XD. Nevertheless, hard work did pay off for a bit, got second upper for both papers. Though not what I aimed for, given the condition I was at during my exam, I guess that was not too bad :X

After spring term examinations, Msoc was getting more and more hardcore in rehearsals for our Mnight production in 8-9 March. Sometimes I felt lucky I joined just one performance; sometimes I wished I had joined the bamboo dance. Nah, it’s over anyway. It was unfortunate that our first night of performance was cancelled due to technical incident. Having said that, it made our second and one and only night much more magnificent and memorable. If you are wondering, Imperial College London Malaysian Society has one of the best Mnights across the UK. HAHA being all buey pai seh (unabashed) but you know #imperialpride is what we have XD. If you are wondering what we performed, you are more than welcomed to go to Youtube and search “Imperial College Malaysian Night 2015” and enjoy yourselves LOLOL

Right after Mnight, it was Malaysian Society’s election for 15/16 committee. I actually hesitated for a few times after the pre-AGM briefing if I want to nominate myself to be one of the committees or not. I don’t know if I can do it, I don’t know if I can juggle between work and society’s commitments; at the same time I don’t want my university life to be filled with just academics, I did not do much in my college time that’s why I was trying to make the most out of time here. It’s only 3 years, and I know time flies. So I nominated myself, handed in my manifesto and attended AGM and Q&A session for my post – Ordinary Committee Member. I made it into the committee and there starts my busy time for the last week of my spring term. Conventions, talks and all. No doubt it was so tiring and was a rush to prepare for all these events, I learnt a lot.

I used to just mix with ah yin all the time, but I tried to open up my social circle. I learn to work more with different people. Though at times I find it really difficult to clique with a lot of people, but I am learning from everyone around me. I know I wouldn’t regret my decision.

Here are a few highlights of my Spring Term.

  1. Spring Examination.
  2. Chinese New Year dinner with Mich chan and EY.
  3. Mnight hardcore practices and performance.
    Dikir Team

    Dikir Team


    Sze Yie, Esther and I


    2nd row!

  4. Nomination and election for Msoc committee.
  5. Used my own energy to blend smoothie! SO FUN! 😀

    Cool not?!

    Cool not?!

  6. Arrival of spring 2015!
  7. Feature X convention, Sunway, Axiata & Intel talk etc etc.
  8. Wear high heels until I got this /.\


    The blister on the left got this cherry-syrup-like liquid flowing out when I cut open my skin LOLOL so gross

  9. Execution of committee’s jobs, one of them is Easter Potluck! HAHA my very first event, with help of people around me. It was a success I felt HAHA! First time playing cherades, and I think I unleashed my secret talent there XD
  10. First time to Zone 3 and waited for late night bus to come back (fyi, zone 3’s tube closes slightly earlier than 12 a.m. I just learned it then), first time taking Barclays Cycle and cycled back to hostel at 1 a.m., it was £2 ok for a ride, quite expensive for me la but very exciting XD

 Until next time, Elly 합니다!